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Hhhhhallo? Are you there? Whhhhat? I am in a bubble. Hep me, peez.
Gettin' wet at Centennial I LOVE this picture What? Who are you, water? Sydney the ballerina
*heenh* Wheeeee! My name is Sydney hallo. This bubble sure does need a door!
My name is Sydney Ellis welcome to my home. Mom, Dad-I'd like you to meet my new boyfriend, Sir Imtallalot Oh my GOD that is so sad! Climbing Mt. Fiberglass
Doin' the Sydney Hangin out in a tube How cute is she!? Who are you, and why are you in my tube?
Lindsay and Syd, goin' crazy More insanity Who's in that closet?
Singing like the rock star that she is Is Sydney England in the European Union? Window washers are SO sexy *wink* I've never seen anyone this excited to pump gas in my LIFE