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I see yooo! So this is where the pressure comes in. You clicked on that link up there, fully expecting an eloquent and wonderful autobiography of myself. Hm...well, I'd bet money that you're going to be disappointed, but here's to the old college try, anyhow (and speaking of which, I've been in college for two whole years now, and I definitely haven't learned this method of so-called 'trying'---I'm lazy as hell, THAT's what I've learned in college...whatever.) Actually, because I know for a fact that any sort of paragraph I try to write will simply ramble (just like I'm doing now), I think I will make a list, instead. I can handle individual, independent sentences--no problem!


I was born on March 11, 1981, in East Point, GA.

I cried.

My parents are Bill and Diana.

They work as a Delta baggage handler and a public health nurse, respectively.

My brother is Zach; he's 4 years older than me, and currently works at a web design firm in Atlanta.

I attended Woodward Academy for grades 1-12 (it's a private school near Atlanta that's 100+ years old).

For my first year of college, I attended Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, VA (otherwise known as the home of "Reverend" Jerry Falwell).

Now I'm at the U. of Evansville, in Evansville, Indiana (otherwise known as the home of the U. of Evansville).

I'm majoring in biology.

In high school, I was the only girl in the percussion section and the section leader as well.

Our band toured Germany and England in the summer of '99.

While I am a percussionist, I do NOT play the drumset.

Too many people make that assumption.

At UE, I participate in the band and I am a photographer for the paper and yearbook.

I've never done photography before.

My retention of my job there is a fluke.

I only wanted to do it because I needed to make a whole $100 per semester.

Right now, I'm watching "Malcom in the Middle."

One of my favorite smells is dryer sheets.

I told you there was no order to this list.

I live in Tyrone, GA, which is about 30 minutes south of Atlanta.

For over 10 years, I had to wear a dress or skirt to school every day.

That's over 1800 days of skirt.

On the day they introduced pants to the girls uniform code, the angels sang from the heavens.

Oh...I've been an out lesbian since 1997.

Hence the affinity for pants.

I've kissed one biological boy in my life.

No, wait...I kissed a boy in preschool.

If Grant from First Baptist Kindergarten in Peachtree City reads this, I'm sorry I dragged you into the bathroom and kissed you.

Then I had about a 12 year "dry spell."

That's when (8/14/98) I got my first girlfriend, Carly.

She was awesome.

We were best friends.

About a year after we met, she told me she was transgendered.


He and I broke up after being together for a little over 2 years *insert audience "awww" here*

We're still best friends--John and I, that is.

Because of him, I now have a helluva lot of transgendered friends that I wouldn't trade for anything.

I might trade a couple for a really nice car.

No, I'm really just kidding.


I finally got my first car this year. (5/01)

My parents got it for me.

Amazingly, they didn't have to trade people for it.

At least, I don't think they did.

Anyway, it's a 1997 dark green Isuzu Rodeo.

It is beautiful.

I bet you really hate these short sentences.

I don't.

More than once, I've stopped what I was doing to go stand in the rain.

You should try it.

My all-time favorite tv show is "Quantum Leap."

I've been to two QL conventions.

I have been a recovering dork for 4 years now.

My favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.

She is my ideal mate.

I don't think we'll be having coffee any time soon.

That saddens me.

However, if you are Sandra Bullock, I'd appreciate a call.

Some of my favorite movies include The Silence of the Lambs, The Rock, Erin Brockovich, Miss Congeniality, and Gattaca.

Did you know that Sandra Bullock is in Miss Congeniality?

I did.

I also enjoy the tv show "Trading Spaces."

No, I am not a middle-aged housewife.

I like girls.

I enjoy reading, too.

I bet that I'd enjoy reading with girls even more.

I think that makes sense.

Jeffrey Deaver is a good suspense writer.

He wrote The Bone Collector.

I like that book.

Despite my inability to write poetry or songs or be sappy like that, I am a hopeless romantic.

I can't handle silence; I have messed up a "moment" more than once by finding something to laugh about.

I think that is my tragic flaw.

I think Martha Stewart isn't really human.

I don't think any normal human should have their own personal chicken coop.

I think people need to get over themselves.

I think people should stop trying to label other people.

I'm pretty sure my car's name is Oscar the Grump.

I know that I'm not really a grump, no matter what Lace says.

I think too many trees are getting cut down for no good reason.

How many drugstores and Old Navys and Wal-Marts need to exist in one county?

Not as many as are being built.

I think George Bush Jr. is not going to be a great president.

I don't think Al Gore Jr. would have been a great president, either.

I think a lot of people aren't being good Christians and are too ignorant to realize it.

I think that comment will elicit some mean email.

I think that I don't care enough to delete it.

For a long time I wanted to be an astronaut.

Then I realized that astronauts have to be really smart.

Then I wanted to be an engineer.

See previous comment.

Then I wanted to research deadly viruses and such things.

Yep, you guessed it.

Now I know that I want to go into forensics.

I'll let you know if that craps out too.

If I do become a forensic scientist, I'll have damn good job security.

I think I want to keep writing about things that I think about.

Excuse me; I mean "things about which I think."

I don't think grammar is overrated, at least not in writing.

'Cept, of course, when ur writin in an IM; then it doesn't matter that "brb" is missing a subject and a helping verb.

I think that we need to stop cutting down trees so that I stop fearing dear on the highway.

I hate bugs of all kinds.

I think that "smart" people aren't necessarily that.

I think I can beat "smart" people at Trivial Pursuit.

I think that that is all that matters.

I know that the amount of brain sludge that one can retain is genetic.

I think you can just ask my mom.

I think that if I don't stop this soon, you will stop reading and leave my site.

I think that you really don't want to do that, because there could be something really cool just a little farther down on this page.

I think I tricked you.

I like to eat bread.

I'm not as thin as a rail.

I think there's a correlation.

My favorite band is Indigo Girls.

They're gay, too.

That's not why I listen to them.

I'm not saying it doesn't help.

I usually don't listen to music, unless I'm in the car.

Then, I just listen to hiphop and pop music.

Have I mentioned that I like girls?

I like the phrase "non sequitor."

Yes, the period is supposed to go inside the quotation marks.

I think it's too late at night to keep writing.

I think my list is done.

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