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Here is the ubiquitous "Page about the Girlfriend." Yes folks, I'm sorry (or not) to say that I am in fact TAKEN. Taken by the most wonderful woman on the planet. Sydney and I first met through our mutual friend John, back in 1998. We didn't keep in touch too well, but I got a chance to see her again in June of 2001, and unexplainably, I FLIPPED when I saw her. We had a ton of fun, and immediately made more plans to hang out. Well, amazingly enough, I was informed of her "admiration" for me, and seeing that I'm a generous lesbian, I took her up on her proposition of trying a romantic relationship.

Can I say that I am the happiest person alive? *smile* Here are some pics of Syd, so you can even start to get an idea of how beautiful she is, inside and out.
Who are you and why do you stare at me?!? Wheeee! Don't ask me how I can be pouty with such a beautiful girl next to me!
In my room (before we got together), July 2001
Cute Cuter Cutely Muchly most cutest!
In my room, August 2001
In my room, late August 2001 / Syd's senior pictures
Syd on a rock Us on a rock Sydney says 'LOOK I'M ON A ROCK HALLO!
At Cochran Mill Nature Park (Bear Creek)
Laying down at the Lazershow WHY DO YOU LOOK AT US?? Pretty!
At the Stone Mountain Lazershow, August 2001
John and Syd Grrr Sydney and our makeshift dinner, including our one emergency candle to add that special something In the kitchen with flowers
In my room / At Syd's apartment
Syd in 2000, with sexy short hair! Ladies and gentlemen, the world premiere of 'Barbie's Rockin' Out!' Syd's dream machine, the Infinity QX4
Random Pictures

Click here for pictures from our trip to Winston-Salem, NC.
Click here for pictures from Syd's first visit to UE.

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