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bored+digital camera=these pics
unsuccessfully attempting email by osmosis enjoying some fresh and tasty Spongebob Squarepants mmm...peeeeep My name is Antonio Banderrrrrrrassss. This is my newest leading lady, Miss Grow A. Date
This is my 'If I look at you hard enough you will want me' Look I'm horny. HA! It's a joke. No really, Mom, it's a joke! chillin' at True Spirit 2001 From John, alright?! I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING JOHN!!!
me and John sitting on my new car, moments after I got it Can you believe this license picture is 10x BETTER than the old one? Manny! Do you actually think that anything I say will ever justify this picture?
Abby and party favors: a dangerous combination You AH the weakest link! me in the kitchen sighlament

And now, the much-awaited KID PICTURES *duh duh DUHHHHHHH*
(these are not in chronological order)
I was born to be gay I was also born to work for Delta, apparently Ahh yes, the classic 'young lesbian dresses as BOY for halloween' picture I can't tell what pissed me off more, the dress or the tiara-thing!
Hmm...I think you could say I've been colored special...VERY special (btw, I'm the one in all red in the front
Ok, so I wasn't so butch as a child. What happens when your parents get tired of changing your wet diapers What?! You mean Christina's AREN'T REAL??? Apparently my mom thought this was a good look for me.
Thank GOD for baseball t-shirts What was I thinking? I think I was one of the youngest potheads ever, just look at me! Damn I miss swingsets!

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