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Clicking here will take you to a page displaying a helluva lot of pictures of my friends. I much prefer taking pics of my friends, rather than myself, so I had plenty of material to work with. In order to reduce the amount of catfighting and hairpulling amongst my friends, the people I list will be in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, so yell at your parents if you're too far down. (however, those of you that have changed your names, you will have only yourselves to blame!) me and Lindsay, one of the many friends
Clicking here will take you to a page of pictures of my family. There will be smiles, and maybe some tears. Old pictures, new pictures, borrowed pictures, blue pictures. Well, maybe not blue pictures. C'mon, gimme a break; it was a theme! I had to continue the theme! Nevermind. We ah fam-a-lee!
Sydney Pictures is currently closed for repairs. Please check back at a later date.
Clicking here will take you to pictures of ME. MY FACE. *big freakin woo* I'm sure you're all thrilled. But c'mon, there're baby pics! Who can resist baby pics!??! *cheesy grin* BOO!
Clicking here will take you to see some of the photography I've done for the UE yearbook and paper. Apparently these photos were very wonderful and deserved me earning $5 each, but it sure amazed me, the uber-amateur photographer. UE soccer
Random. Period. rannnnndommmmmm
In case I haven't mentioned this, I am a lesbian. That means that I like girls. In fact, I like them a lot. However, I am unfortunate in that the really pretty girls have no clue that I exist. This is sad. Click here to see pictures of these beautiful women. (well, there's one exception) GIRLS!

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