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For some reason, I have many more pictures of my family from before the mid-90s than recently. This isn't a bad thing, because I've found that the older the picture, the greater the comedic value. So sit back, grab something cold to drink, and prepare to LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF.

Mommy, why does Daddy look like a girl? The Gaskins: Born to Bend Gender That Eagle Scout has a gay daughter, and is damn proud of it. HA! Stud! If my dad ever commits a felony, THIS is the picture 'America's Most Wanted' is gonna use.
I sincerely don't think they wanted their picture taken at that moment. Our family is SO unphotogenic when we get around each other. Case in point. It took HOURS to finally get this taken.
The little Nebraskan cowgirl Is it Mom...or Abby? Oh my god. I can't figure out if my dad's wearing a tie or a lobster bib.
Looks like Mom's a Bud kinda gal I promise he grew up to be heterosexual. Zach + Hose = Wet Child I wonder how much a pound of Zach is goin' for these days... Umm...Mom? Hello? Anybody?